Meet The Real Wood Floors Team

We're a group of individuals who embody the united spirit of our commitment

We're in the business of helping people love their homes. We make beautiful wood flooring and guide homeowners to find their perfect floor. We innovate, embrace challenge, remain mission minded, and have fun. We are not here to simply do tasks, we are here to fulfill our purpose. We are working towards the day when every orphan is home.
Ben Changmore_vert
Ben Changclose

Fun fact: Ben’s the only RWF employee that plays badminton. He enjoys BBQ, fishing and U2 and is the best China tour guide we’ve ever met.

Joined the team in 2008.

Brandon Martinmore_vert
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Brandon’s calm, relaxed demeanor in the office is reflected in his down time. He enjoys sitting with a good book and spending time with his wife. In contrast with this, Brandon drinks about a gallon of coffee per day and loves epic adventure movies.

Joined the team in 2014.

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Joined the team in 2014.

Corey Jetermore_vert
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Corey enjoys projects and to create things with his hands. He loves spending time with his family, and music in general. Listening and making. He’s pretty much always listening to something.

Joined the team in 2007.

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Dan joined the team in 2016

Doyle Richardsonmore_vert
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Doyle enjoys the classics - Hunting, fishing, photography, reading and writing. Oh, and cars. Doyle really likes cars. Does it have 4 wheels? Yeah, Doyle’s into it.

Joined the team in 2010.

Jeremy Adamsmore_vert
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Joined the team in 2016

Jessica Solismore_vert
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Joined the team in 2016

Nate Elbrechtmore_vert
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Nate is our residing adventurer and all around interesting guy. Just before his RWF employment he spent a 38 country spanning,12 month backpacking journey around the world. You’re now likely to find him fly fishing on the Eleven Point river or perfecting his brew process.

Joined the team in 2007.

Rick Klaasenmore_vert
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Rick is our director of commercial development. He loves travel, golf and sharing a good meal along with a bottle of fine cabernet with friends and family.

Joined the team in 2014.

Rusty Doughtymore_vert
Rusty Doughtyclose

Rusty works for our contracting team and is our senior estimator and project manager. His focus is multi-family residential. Rusty’s background with the company is in accounting and you’ll also find him handling some of those duties. Rusty has an MBA and put himself through business school by being a fly fishing guide. His hobbies include fly fishing and bird hunting over pointing dogs

Joined the team in 2014

Samuel Cobbmore_vert
Samuel Cobbclose

Sam is Real Wood Floor's CEO and man of vision. He develops our product lines and makes sure RWF remains innovative and engaging. Sam loves BBQ, baseball and his beautiful family; but not exactly in that order.

Joined the team in 2005.

Scott Gillmore_vert
Scott Gillclose

Scott loves to hunt and fish and play numerous sports, especially with his family. His favorite restaurant is Mehanata in Chicago. It serves Bulgarian food. Ask him why he likes Bulgarian food.

Joined the team in 2012.

Shane Cobbanmore_vert
Shane Cobbanclose

Shane enjoys the outdoors, spending time hunting & fishing and playing and coaching sports. Shane gets onto the golf course as often as possible, but it’s not as often as he’d like. You wanna play?

Joined the team in 2008.

Taylor Hallmore_vert
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Taylor joined the team in 2017