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Our Mission

We are Real Wood Floors. Forty years in the making, we’re committed to designing, producing and supplying the finest flooring in the world. We’re proud of this work but if it’s all you know about us, you’re only getting part of the story. If you want to know the Real Story of Real Wood Floors, our passion and purpose, it’s this; we’re working towards the day when every child is home.

In some cases that home is with new families through adoption, but we believe the best solution is often in creating ways for these children to find homes in their own countries. We’re partnering with organizations to find creative solutions to lift children up from the most challenging circumstances and provide not only loving homes, but education and support assistance to give them a better chance to thrive.

We believe these elements are life changing and we love thinking outside the box to find solutions. Just as we love to innovate and embrace challenge in our business, we want to apply the same drive to not only helping individual children, but solving the problem.

What would it look like to join with people who are eradicating the problems of homeless and family-less children in a village? In a city? An entire country? These are the questions we’re wrestling with and engaging with other businesses and organizations to work out. We don’t claim to be the solution. We recognize there are others already making great strides in this mission and we can provide financial resources to help power great organizations to do even more good things.

This is the mission that gets us up in the morning and gives us the drive to keep growing, serving and succeeding.

Here you’ll find examples and stories of how we’ve been realizing this dream. We’ve been underwriting and helping to build child care facilities like homes and schools. We’ve been sponsoring adoptions, completely and in part, especially for at-risk kids, and bringing access to education and vocational training to some to help them lead independent and thriving lives.

While helping you find your perfect floor is how we keep the wheels turning, we’re reminded daily that the greatest value our patrons provide us is enabling us to unite families with children. Every floor purchase directly contributes to helping us in this mission.

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